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Founded in 1999, Tomkins and Associates, LLC assists the fiduciaries of 401(k) and other qualified and nonqualified United States retirement plans with the management of such plans, offering specialized services to U.S. subsidiaries of foreign corporations.

Tomkins and Associates’ team of professionals combines in-depth knowledge of the U.S. qualified and nonqualified retirement plan industries with the firm’s proprietary plan management techniques to provide clients with services and solutions that are unique to their management style, philosophical approach, and corporate culture.  Our areas of consulting expertise include:

  • Qualified Plan Design and Operation (Case Study 1)
  • Controlled Group and Coverage Analyses
  • Contract Negotiation and Vendor Acquisition (Case Study 2)
  • Merger and Acquisition Due Diligence
  • Ongoing Performance Monitoring and Reporting on Vendors
  • Actuarial and Replacement Ratio Analyses
  • Nonqualified Plan Design and Operation
  • Investor Education Program Implementation

We’re a fee-for-service 401(k) plan consulting company, experienced in recordkeeping, compliance, plan documents, reporting and disclosure, distributions, notices, statements, plan sponsor and participant web sites, call centers and best-practice plan design and maintenance, including the investment fund lineup. 

Our services generally fall into three categories:

I.        We would oversee a recordkeeping platform vendor’s services including enrollment, notices, compliance, regular pricing review, which we’d benchmark and negotiate, and robust servicing to help HR.  We would prepare such operational/policy documents as:

  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order Policy and Procedures
  • Service Provider Fee Disclosure Review

We would assist your team as Plan Sponsor with internal controls.

II.       We would help assure fiduciary decisions and behavior are smart.  Typically we’d pre-schedule periodic committee meetings (coordinating with the recordkeeping vendor relationship manager and any CFA or other investment personnel); review the vendor report in advance of each meeting; prepare an agenda and related material for each meeting; work closely with/lead/question the vendor CFA/investment team (if available at your current size) or relationship manager for robust evaluation, monitoring and management of the fund lineup.  We write minutes of all meetings.  We would endeavor to keep you informed of relevant parts of the ever-evolving ERISA law and regulations and best marketplace ideas and practices.

III.     We would assist HR, typically troubleshooting, assistance with corrections, overseeing compliance, and response to correspondence from your recordkeeping vendor and employees.  We try to resolve anything frustrating – or at least put it in fair perspective for you.  We have access to all our clients’ plan sponsor websites for troubleshooting, analysis and assistance to HR.  We review and edit legal documents, contracts and notices.  Unless QDRO processing is outsourced to your vendor, we’d review any domestic relations orders submitted by participants.

We currently serve 23 companies.  We are selective about new clients and careful about growth.  

Our goal: a long-term relationship with each client based on excellence in delivery of a valued set of services.